Our mission


The Earth’s environment is in danger, affecting the security and quality of life for all of us — regardless of our contribution. The Earth is in the midst of a modern, man-made, sixth great extinction event and this process is accelerating. If environmental deterioration is not addressed effectively, future generations will bear the costs. Our children and grandchildren will suffer the consequences of current misuse on a massive scale. We need to think smarter and work harder. Consider the following sobering facts:

We are deeply concerned by the inefficiency and short-sightedness of most spatial plans and decisions. Our mission is thus to help businesses and organizations to base all such decisions on accurate, reliable, and accessible information. We believe that greening the planet is a noble goal, as is reducing inequality and increasing capacity of people to utilize Open Source software to create new solutions and designs.

Moreover, we believe in scientifically informed design and evidence-based decision-making involving objective data, the use of state-of-the-art statistical modeling, and iterative updates. We are experts at defining, designing, creating, and implementing spatial databases on global and regional scales as well as information and monitoring systems that are based on objectivity, transparency, and updatability. By further combining pedometrics and environmetrics with econometrics, we aim at providing economic frameworks for a realistic cost-benefit analysis.

Data-driven decisions and Reproducible Research as a path towards more transparent management of natural resources

Environmetrics is a scientific field bringing together applied statistics and measurement, monitoring and modeling of environmental data (statistics applied to environmental problems). Econometrics is, likewise, a scientific field focusing on application of statistics to economic systems i.e. cost-benefit analysis, time series data analysis and similar. We have chosen the name 'EnvirometriX' for our company because we think that the key to improving management of natural resources and decision-making lays in using state-of-the-art statistical and Machine Learning methods and state-of-the-art sustainable technology within a well defined econometric system. The letter 'X' in EnvirometriX was chosen to emphasize that our work is driven by innovation and evolution of technology.

Our philosophy is built on the following five pillars:

  • Knowledge comes from (repeated) measurements and objective reasoning. Wisdom comes from awareness of histories and on-going communication of experience.
  • Knowledge ought to be the basis of discussion. Discussion of the wisest path ought to be the basis of decision-making.
  • Transparency is the shortest path to trust. Ultimate quality control is impossible if too many elements of the total equation are hidden or unknown.
  • Optimal solutions come mainly from participation, innovation and continuous observation. Without feedback (data) and two-way communication channels, adaptation becomes a guessing game.
  • Everything changes and no system can be set in stone — so it must be resilient. System resilience can be engineered by increasing biological/social/economic ‘redundancy’. Updates and redesigns are therefore both inevitable, and desirable.

National governments are spending trillions of dollars on unnecessary wars, billions of dollars on redundant Mars missions and space race, billions of dollars will be spent on building walls with less developed neighbors... If we could invest only a small portion of these trillions on restoring degraded land, maybe we could mitigate climate change effects and increase development of all countries so that there is no need to build walls in the first place?

Quote Neil DeGrasse Tyson

To inform improved planning, management and decision-making, we develop open, reproducible environmental data and methods of the highest possible quality (following the Findable-Accessible-Interoperable-Reusable (FAIR) principles for scientific data management). By creating a community in which experts can freely share data, programs, methods, and learning experiences, we enable others to access and improve their environmental data and models (read more about the Open Geo data communities).

Envirometrix provides number of standard and optional services primarily grouped around the following four generic services:

  1. Data production and publication,
  2. Web-services,
  3. System design and optimization, and
  4. Consultancy.

Our specific expertise in various scientific and applied fields is documented below.

Our services

Soil carbon modeling, mapping, and monitoring

Core service

Land degradation and restoration, scoping and design

Core service

Machine Learning and High-Performance Computing for spatial prediction

Core service

Customised web solutions for hosting and distributing massive spatial data sets

Core service